The Book of Go
1st part — The cognition
of forms
Fr / Eng
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Christophe Lemaitre Christophe Lemaitre Christophe Lemaitre Christophe Lemaitre Christophe Lemaitre
The Jan van Eyck go club was an aesthetics club that materialised in the form of a Go club. It was conceived as an artwork for the public sphere and took place from January to December 2012 in a space at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht (Netherlands). The Book of Go is a diptych which extends and explores the issues addressed by the Jan van Eyck go club. The first of the two project’s parts, subtitled The Cognition of Forms, is a split screen-print (Text and pictures) which can be folded like a book, a painted book. Initially an attempt to define what is a shape at the game of Go, what is the concept of a territory, the text considers Go as a morphogenetic process and attempts to re-think Go as a perceptive experience rather than a game. Stated as a work of art on its own right, this first Book serves as a preface to the second, yet to come.

23 cm x 32 cm (close) / 46 cm x 32 cm (open).
Cover : screen-print. Inside : 1 sheet 63 cm x 90 cm, screen-print both sides (Images & text), slit and folded.
Binding : 1 staple (front of the cover).
130 copies (french) / 70 copies (english).
Author : Christophe Lemaitre.
Design : Christophe Lemaitre & Spassky-Fischer.
Published in March 2014, with the support of FNAGP.